Wakefit Ortho Plus Activecool Mattress

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Discover Unmatched Comfort with the Wakefit Ortho Plus ActiveCool Mattress

Introducing the Wakefit Ortho Plus ActiveCool Mattress, your key to a rejuvenating night's sleep. Engineered with precision, this mattress combines cutting-edge technology and innovative design to redefine your sleep experience.

The Science Behind Superior Comfort

Unlock the science of sound sleep with the following key product construction:

Advanced Three-Layer Design

1. NASA-Approved Memory Foam Layer with ActiveCool Technology: Experience temperature regulation like never before with NASA-approved memory foam infused with ActiveCool technology.

2. Soft HR Foam Comfort Layer: Sink into the soft embrace of the HR foam comfort layer, ensuring a plush and restful slumber.

3. Extra Dense and Pure High Resilience Foam Support Layer: Benefit from extra dense high resilience foam, providing unparalleled support for your spine and body.

Luxurious Melange Fabric Cover

Wrapped in a luxurious melange fabric cover, the Wakefit Ortho Plus ActiveCool Mattress exudes elegance while safeguarding the mattress's quality and performance.

Experience Unmatched Benefits

Discover a host of benefits that set the Wakefit Ortho Plus ActiveCool Mattress apart:

Temperature Regulation

Say goodbye to uncomfortable nights due to overheating. The ActiveCool technology within the NASA-approved memory foam layer keeps your sleep environment cool and cozy.

Optimal Spine Alignment

Your spine's alignment is crucial for a pain-free and rejuvenating sleep. The Wakefit Ortho Plus ActiveCool Mattress is expertly designed to promote optimal spine alignment.

Pressure Relief

Say farewell to pressure points and wake up refreshed. This mattress ensures even distribution of body weight, offering unparalleled pressure relief.

Experience the Future of Sleep

Step into the future of sleep with the Wakefit Ortho Plus ActiveCool Mattress. Reimagine your sleep quality and awaken rejuvenated every morning.

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