Springfit Reactive Dual Memory Mattress

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Discover Dual Comfort: Springfit Reactive Dual Memory Mattress

Introducing the Springfit Reactive Dual Memory Mattress, where adaptability meets superior comfort. This mattress is designed to cater to your ever-changing comfort needs with its dual-sided design.

Customized Mattress Construction

This mattress is constructed using a blend of innovative materials, ensuring you get the best sleep experience:

HR Comfort Foam: Soft and Cozy Comfort

One side of the mattress is crafted with HR Comfort Foam, delivering a soft and comfortable feel, perfect for relaxation.

ReActive Foam: Pressure Relief and Contouring

Embedded within the mattress is the remarkable ReActive Foam. This foam is engineered to provide pressure relief and adapt to the unique contours of your body, ensuring a good night's rest.

Memory Foam: Conforming to Perfection

Complementing the ReActive Foam is a layer of Memory Foam, meticulously designed to conform to your body's shape and provide enhanced pressure relief.

Turkish Thermo-bonded Support Layers: Buoyancy and Stability

The mattress also features Turkish Thermo-bonded Support Layers that promote buoyancy, support, and breathability, guaranteeing a fresh sleep environment.

Elevate Your Sleep with Remarkable Benefits

The Springfit Reactive Dual Memory Mattress brings a multitude of benefits to enhance your sleep:

  • Enjoy the versatility of dual comfort with its reversible design, offering a soft side and a firm side, catering to your changing preferences.
  • Experience pressure relief at its finest as both the ReActive Foam and Memory Foam conform to your body's contours, eliminating pressure points.
  • Benefit from the support and stability provided by Turkish Thermo-bonded Support Layers, ensuring your spine and body are well-supported.
  • Embrace breathability and superior airflow with the Turkish Thermo-bonded Support Layers, ensuring you sleep comfortably throughout the night.

Superior Comfort with Memory Foam

Compared to the Springfit Reactive Dual Mattress, the Springfit Reactive Dual Memory Mattress takes your comfort to the next level with an added layer of memory foam. This extra layer enhances pressure relief and contouring, ensuring a truly restful night's sleep.

Part of the Springfit Reactive Collection

Both the Springfit Reactive Dual Mattress and the Springfit Reactive Dual Memory Mattress are part of the Springfit Reactive Collection, a range designed to provide body stress-repairing benefits. These mattresses feature a unique self-adjusting hard reactive foam with Turkish Thermo-bonded support layers that adapt to the anatomical shape of your spine, offering superior support and comfort.

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