Peps Grand Palais Ultra Premium Luxury Memory foam Spring Mattress

Size: Double
Dimensions: 75in x 48in
Thickness (inches): 10 inches
Sale price₨.75,900


Brand Overview

  • Restonic Licensee: Peps India is the authorized licensee of Restonic, USA which gives them access to the latest sleep technologies. Also they manufacture products as per the international specifications approved by Restonic.
  • India's Largest Spring Mattress Company: Peps specializes in innerspring mattresses with a product lineup that rivals the best in the world.

Product Features

  • Grand Palais Standard: Restonic brand of mattresses are sold in 20 countries worldwide, and their flagship mattress is the Grand Palais collection. These mattresses are manufactured using the best specifications and meet numerous stringent quality tests before being shipped to the customer. Literally, as the name suggests, this mattress belongs to the Grand palace and is fit for the King.
  • Pocketed Spring Core: This mattress uses pocketed spring system for mattress core. Each and every spring is wrapped in its own fabric cover and does not affect the movement of other springs. This ensures very minimal disturbance while sleeping.
  • Memory foam: Peps Grand Palais uses premium memory foam which is temperature sensitive and becomes hard / soft based on our body temperature. This reduces pressure points and improves sleep quality. 
  • Marvellous Middle: This is a patented technology from Restonic Inc, USA. A high tensile mesh is used in the middle of the mattress making a bit more firmer. This supports the spine better and helps increase the useful life of the mattress significantly.
  • Edge - support: Edge support M-springs are used along the perimeter of the mattress ensuring the sides don?t sag with the weight of the body when sat upon.
  • Premium Insulation: The insulating material keeps the springs in place and ensure that the springs do not protrude, while at the same allowing enough flexibility to the springs to conform to the body shape. This mattress uses PP mesh and cotton felt for insulation which is considered the industry best.
  • Knitted Fabric: Premium knitted upholstery is used in the mattress.

Additional Information:

Brand Peps
Product name Grand Palais Ultra Premium
Thickness 8 inches10 inches
Firmness Medium (Plush)
Mattress Core Spring (Pocketed)
Comfort Layer Memory foam
Fabric Knitted fabric - Tufted Design
Finish type Euro Top
Warranty 10 years

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