Peps Crystal Pocket Spring with Memory Foam Mattress

Size: Single
Thickness (inches): 8 inches
Sale price₨.34,600
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Peps is India's #1 Selling Spring Mattress brand


Pocketed Spring System

Peps Crystal uses Pocketed Spring System which minimizes partner movements and is preferred choice for luxury mattresses

Comfort Layer

Memory Foam

Peps Crystal uses Memory foam which helps reduce pressure points and minimizes turning and tossing while we sleep.

Firmness Rating

Medium Soft

Peps Crystal offers Medium Soft support. This is suitable for side sleepers and flat sleepers alike.


Pillowtop Finish

Peps Crystal is designed with Plush Pillowtop finish. This gives a soft feeling similar to a pillow on the surface. This is recommeded for people looking for a soft surface mattress

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Additional Information:

Brand Peps
Product name Crystal
Thickness 8 inches
Firmness Medium (Plush)
Mattress Core Spring (Pocketed)
Comfort Layer Soft Foam
Fabric Knitted fabric - Memory foam Quilting
Finish type Pillow Top
Warranty 10 years

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