MM Foam Ecorest Mattress

Size: Single
Dimensions: 75in x 36in
Thickness (inches): 4 inches
Sale price₨.23,900


Brand Overview

  • #1 Natural Latex Brand: MM Foam is India's oldest and largest selling Natural Latex Mattress brand.
  • Wide Product range: MM Foam has designed a wide range of sleeping products around Natural Latex. Its range includes 100% Latex as well as Hybrid Latex Products.

Product Features

  • Multicore Design: MM Foam Ecorest uses multicore design to offer plush support. Multicore design has 25mm breathing holes in the latex sheet which gives a more softer feel to the mattress.
  • Dunlop process: MM Foam Ecorest mattress has been manufactured using the Dunlop process which is is the most commonly used process in Latex mattress manufacturing worldwide. It uses minimal chemicals and results in durable and a more firmer feel mattress.
  • Inner Cotton layer: The latex core is fully encased in a 100% cotton layer which ensures better durability for the latex mattress.
  • Premium Upholstery: Premium knitted upholstery is used in the mattress which offers a soft feel to the mattress while allowing the body to freely conform to the natural latex.

Additional Information:

Brand MM Foam
Model Ecorest
Thickness 4 inches, 5 inches, 6 inches
Firmness Plush
Mattress Core Natural Latex
Comfort Layer NA
Fabric Premium Knitted Fabric
Finish type Normal Top
Warranty 5 years

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