MM Foam Dual Harmony Mattress

Size: Single
Dimensions: 75in x 36in (1.90m x 0.91m)
Thickness (inches): 5 inches
Sale price₨.20,300


Brand Overview

  • #1 Natural Latex Brand: MM Foam is India's oldest and largest selling Natural Latex Mattress brand.
  • Product design: MM Foam has designed its products around Natural Latex. It has a wide range of Full Latex as well as Hybrid Latex Products.

Product Features

  • Bonded foam core: MM Foam Dual Harmony uses bonded foam which provides ideal back-support
  • Natural Latex: Natural Latex is used on top of bonded foam. Natural latex is an eco-friendly and healthier cushioning option compared to synthetic foams. Its perforated design ventilates better and regulated the sleeping temperature. Also being completely natural, you can rest assured that you are sleeping on the nature's finest sleeping material.
  • Dual-Comfort: Mattress has dual-comfort options - Medium (Firm) and Extra firm. Mattress can be used on either side based on customer preference.
  • Modal Fabric Upholstery: Premium quality Modal based knitted upholstery is used in the mattress which offers a soft feel to the mattress while allowing the body to freely conform to the natural latex

Additional Information:

Brand MM Foam
Model Dual Harmony
Thickness 5 inches, 6 inches, 8 inches
Firmness Top: Medium (Firm), Bottom: Extra Firm
Mattress Core Foam (Bonded Foam)
Comfort Layer Natural Latex
Fabric Modal Knitted Fabric
Finish type Normal Top
Warranty 7 years

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