Kingkoil Paradise Mattress

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Kingkoil Paradise Mattress - Your Own Slice of Sleep Heaven

Immerse yourself in the comfort of the Kingkoil Paradise Mattress. A true testament to Kingkoil's 120 years of excellence, this mattress is designed for dreamy, luxurious sleep.

Kingkoil Brand - The Pinnacle of Sleep Innovation

With a heritage of over a century, Kingkoil seamlessly marries traditional craftsmanship with advanced technology, delivering sleep solutions that stand the test of time. Trust in Kingkoil for unparalleled sleep satisfaction.

HR Mattress Core - Unwavering Support for Quality Rest

The Kingkoil Paradise Mattress boasts an HR (High Resilience) core, offering resilient and robust support that ensures a tranquil sleep night after night.

Natural Latex Comfort Layer - Indulge in Nature's Comfort

Enjoy the comfort of the natural latex layer in the Kingkoil Paradise Mattress. This layer molds to your body, providing custom comfort and pressure relief, enhancing your sleep experience.

Premium High GSM Knitted Fabric - Sleep in Luxury

Experience the luxury of the Kingkoil Paradise Mattress, encased in premium high GSM knitted fabric. This superior fabric offers a plush touch and adds a touch of elegance to your sleep sanctuary.

Premium Comfort - Your Personal Sleep Paradise

The Kingkoil Paradise Mattress, with its premium comfort design, delivers a sleep experience that is nothing short of heavenly. Indulge in this luxurious comfort night after night.

Medium Soft Firmness Level - Sink into Softness

Offering medium-soft firmness, the Kingkoil Paradise Mattress provides a gentle cradling effect, making it the perfect sleeping surface for those who love to sink into their mattress a bit more.

10-Year Warranty - A Testament to Quality

Every Kingkoil Paradise Mattress comes with a 10-year warranty, reflecting our commitment to quality. Sleep with peace of mind, knowing your mattress is designed to last.

Available Thickness - Choose Your Comfort

Offered in 6 and 8-inch thicknesses, the Kingkoil Paradise Mattress allows you to choose the perfect level of comfort to meet your unique sleep needs.

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