Duroflex Tatva Natural Latex And Coir Mattress

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Duroflex Tatva Mattress: Your Gateway to Natural Comfort

Explore the wonders of natural comfort with the Duroflex Tatva Mattress, an integral part of the esteemed Natural Living range, designed to revamp your sleep experience.

Rubberized Coir & 3D Space Mesh Core: A Unique Blend of Comfort and Support

The Tatva mattress boasts a unique core made from Rubberized Coir and 3D Space Mesh. This combination provides unbeatable support while enhancing breathability for an exceptional sleep environment.

Natural Latex Comfort Layer: Unmatched Pressure Relief

Experience the luxurious embrace of the Natural Latex comfort layer. Known for its superior pressure-relieving properties, this layer ensures an uninterrupted and rejuvenating sleep.

Premium Knitted Bamboo Fabric Cover: Eco-friendly and Luxurious

The Tatva mattress is encased in a premium knitted bamboo fabric cover. This eco-friendly solution adds a touch of luxury to your sleep sanctuary while keeping sustainability at the forefront.

Medium Firm Comfort for Balanced Support

The medium firmness of the Tatva Mattress provides balanced support, making it an ideal choice for various sleep positions. Enjoy a plush sleep experience every night.

Quality and Longevity: A Promise from Duroflex

The Tatva Mattress measures a comfortable 6 inches in thickness and is backed by a 10-year warranty. Trust Duroflex for an enduring sleep experience, night after night.

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