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Duroflex Bodyline - 5 inches

Duroflex Bodyline - 5 inches

  • Core: Rubberized coir
  • Cushioning: Natural Latex
  • Firmness: Firm

  • 5 years warranty
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    About Duroflex

    Duroflex is one of the oldest brands in the mattress industry in India. Over their 50 years of operations, they have grown 8 factories strong, and have become synonymous with quality in the mattress industry. They are the largest exporter of mattresses in the country and their products meet strict international standards of customers in USA, Germany, UK, Italy, Japan and Korea. Their core product strength is in the “Rubberized coir” segment, though recently they have added products in other mattress types as Innerspring, Memory Foam and Latex Foam.

    Duroflex Bodyline - 5 inches

    Duroflex Bodyline is a well balanced product. It uses 2 inches natural latex foam on top for comfort, and a firm 100 Density core made up of 100 density rubberized coir. Since it uses only natural materials in the mattress it is among the few 100% natural mattress available in the market today.

    icon natural latex mattress Comfort: Natural Latex
    icon rubberized coir mattress Core: Rubberized Coir
    Cross Section
    Duroflex Bodyline - 5 inches - mattress - india - cross section
    Detailed Features:
    • Rubberized Coir (BEST-IN-CLASS): Duroflex Bodyline uses 3 inches - 100 Density Rubberized Coir at its core. This ensures that the mattress does not sag easily and provides comfort year-on-year.
    • Natural Latex (BEST-IN-CLASS): Duroflex Seasons uses 2 inches Natural Latex foam for cushioning which is a more natural alternative in comparison to PU Foam. Further Natural Latex is more durable and not subject to sagging or softening with time like pu foam.
    • Cotton-satin upholstery: Cotton satin upholstery apart from its attractive looks helps the mattress breathe and keeps the mattress well ventilated.
    • 100% natural mattress: Duroflex Bodyline uses 100% Natural components - Rubberized Coir / Natural Latex / Cotton satin upholstery. Customers worried about their mattresses ending up in landfill can breathe easy knowing that all its component will disintegrate easily without harming the environment.
    icon firm comfort mattress Provides firm comfort.
    icon cotton cover mattress Uses natural cotton based cover.
    icon back sleep mattress Good for back sleepers
    icon stomach sleep mattress Good for stomach sleepers
    icon orthopedic mattress Recommended by Orthopedic doctors
    icon temperature cooler mattress Maintains relatively cooler temperature.
    icon 5 year warranty mattress Durable product - 5 years warranty.