Amara Comfort Plus Mattress

Size: Single
Dimensions: 78in x 36in
Thickness (inches): 7 inches
Sale price₨.17,400


Brand Overview

  • No-frills brand: Amara is focused on providing the best quality products at affordable prices
  • Proven design: Products are designed with inputs from customers and continuously updated with feedback

Product Features

  • Zero-Impurities foam: Pure foam makes the mattress more resilient and has longer durability.
  • Spring-mattress-feel: Amara Comfort Plus is designed to replicate the comfort and feel of a spring mattress, but since its has no moving parts like spring mattress, it can withstand rough handling and is very durable.
  • Premium Upholstery: Knitted fabric is a stretchable fabric which allows the body to conform to the mattress better. Most premium mattresses use this type of fabric since it improves comfort significantly.
  • Soft support: Amara Comfort Plus offers a soft encasing support which literally allows you to sink into blissfulness.

Additional Information:

Brand Amara
Model Cloud Nine
Thickness 5 inches, 7 inches
Firmness Medium (Plush)
Mattress Core Foam (HR Foam)
Comfort Layer Soft Foam
Fabric Knitted fabric - Foam quilting
Finish type Normal Top
Warranty  5 years

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