Shopping for a new mattress is never easy, and most people end up buying a mattress with a confused mind, plagued with questions like:

  • Which mattress helps relieve back pain?
  • What mattress type is cooler?
  • Which is the most comfortable mattress?
  • How to get the Hotel mattress type comfort? and many more doubts

This confusion stems due to lack of information on mattresses. We have been in this industry for over 10 years now, and believe in helping the customers understand the different aspects to consider while buying a mattress. This helps simplify the mattress buying process so that you can shop with ease and buy the mattress that’s right for you. Our “Mattress Buying Guide” section on this site is an effort to educate the customers about the different mattress types and multiple products available in the market. 

As experts in mattresses, we on our part regularly update ourselves with the latest mattress industry trends, and carry the latest products available in the market. While thousands of mattress options and models are available in the market, our range of products has been carefully selected after doing extensive research to ensure that these products meet our standards of quality and value.

Shop with confidence at Universal Mattress, we make mattress-buying hassle free. Let us get you the rest you deserve.


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