Deciding Mattress Size - Universal Mattress

Buying a small mattress is one of the most common mistakes made by first time buyers. For optimal comfort, it is wiser to purchase a larger mattress, if you have a choice. Some important factors to consider when making mattress size choices are:


Number of people using the mattress

  • For a single person a 36 inches (3 feet) / 48 inches (4 feet) wide mattress will suffice
  • For 2 people buy minimum Queen size - 60 inches (5 feet) wide mattress.
  • For best comfort, buy minimum King Size 72 inches (6 feet) wide mattress.


Your height and weight: 

  • Length: The mattress length should ideally be a minimum of 6 inches longer than the height of the tallest person using the mattress. 
  • Width: Lie down comfortably making use of a pillow and put your elbows behind your head. Your elbows should not touch your partner or go beyond the edge of the mattress. Also note heavier people might require more moving space on the mattress, so a wider mattress is recommended. 


Size of the bedroom:

  • Allow enough room along all the sides of the mattress to move around comfortably
  • We recommend a minimum of 22 inches clearance on all sides.


Mattress for Kids: 

  • Do consider their increase in height over the years
  • We recommend buying a regular length mattress for kids


Standard Dimensions: (Length x Breadth): Buying a standard size mattress will help in getting quick delivery and also avoid mismatch when buying  furniture.

  • Single Bed – 75 inches x 36 inches; 78 inches x 36 inches
  • Queen Size – 75 inches x 60 inches; 78 inches x 60 inches
  • King Size – 75 inches x 72 inches; 78 inches x 72 inches


Also do take a look at our "How to measure a mattress" section for tips on measuring your mattress correctly.


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