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Sleep is an activity and matter that many take very seriously as we feel refreshed and healthier. And for that matter, mattresses are our reason to wake up every day feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. They are the surfaces upon our beds that we lay trying to recover from the day’s hustles and bustles.

Humans have used mattresses ever since evolution took on progressive steps. Today, mattress manufacturing technology has become the center for excellence and creativity. But what are those exciting things we may not know about our mattresses? Let us discover more below.

Did You Know These Things About Your Mattress?

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1 A Hypoallergenic Mattress Is Designed to Fight Allergy 

Today mattress manufacturing is in overdrive with research to fight allergy-causing organisms and substances like dust, mildew, mites, bedbugs, and pollen. When season changes happen with perspiration factored in from our bodies allergic causing substances to tend to accumulate or grow. It creates a conducive atmosphere for allergic reactions. Hypoallergenic mattresses today resist most of these substances and enable a healthy and clean sleeping environment. 

2 Spring and Memory Foam Mattresses are Recyclable 

Today with the rise in the concern for the environment and global warming, it is good to manufacture environment-friendly products. Non-biodegradable materials have increased over the centuries and affect the environment with harmful chemicals and substances. The materials used in memory foam mattresses and spring coils are recyclable for best use.    

3 Spring Mattress or Memory Foam Has Been Around for a While

There may be nothing substantially new about both the mattress types except that it is now more refined today. The emergence of sleep posture-related complications, orthopedics-related rehabilitation, and several supportive needs in sleep. Mattresses were made long ago with these considerations. Sleep technology in mattresses is more advanced and is testable for proof of efficacy or not. 

4 Modern Latex and Foam is Built Resist Flames for Period

The sleep technology is conscious that sometimes fires start in the dead of night while asleep. The fire-resistant properties help safeguard and protect in case of the ability and potential to leave the fire scene without injuries like burns and brazes. Latex mattresses today exposed to high temperatures can resist instant burning as they promote safety, comfort, and hygiene.  

5 There is an Arabian Connection to your Mattress.

The word ‘mattress’ originates from ancient Arabia, though this may be subject to discussion or validity proof. Arabians seem to have been way ahead in making sleep comfortable and supportive through the various items that came from there. The earl;y traders with Arabians and Persians reveal enhanced foams of comfortable sleep accessories. 


We spend a lot of our sleep time on mattresses, there are several things (unique and common) that we may not be conversant with These are unique things and special properties to your mattress perhaps you may have heard about or not.

But generally, when searching for the best mattress memory foam or spring mattress it’s always great to learn a few that may be beneficial.

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